About Me

Elvana_ProfilePicture_1506_Balcony_expI have deep respect for human life, its uniqueness and each one’s very particular mission on this world.
My job is to inspire people to be themselves or to rediscover themselves.
When I was a child I loved being close to grown-ups and hear them talking about “serious stuff”. I wanted to learn as fast as possible what being an adult meant. Which were their hopes, dreams, fears and goals? In that way I could “prepare” myself for this big adventure called Life.
My empathy for other people and my attentive ear helped me to develop skills in identifying life patterns and revealing to people what is often obvious to me and not always to them concerning a situation they are going through.
Coaching is the most suitable technique to apply for helping you make positive changes in your life and achieve your goals. A coaching session serves to unlock your potential so that you can maximize your own performance.
My basic work tools are active listening and questioning.
I like to listen carefully to words people use because the words we speak are indicative of our inner thoughts. What I find very enriching is the fact that in each person I meet I always recognize some part of me. After a talk with a relative, friend, a client or just a stranger, I feel so renewed and everything suddenly looks brighter and it makes more sense for both sides. This happens because we are related and part of a whole one thing. We communicate, we grow together and depend upon accepting and loving others.
Loving others is a result of knowing and loving yourself. You cannot give something you don’t have… Love.
Let’s start to work together, identifying your needs and what is holding you back from making all your dreams come true.


I look forward to hearing from you and helping you take charge of your own life and BE the leader.