Coaching Services


What fascinates me and fills me with enthusiasm is seeing people leading the life of their dreams. What frustrates me is that there are few of us out there.
I like to teach by example and to live what I teach. That’s why I want to put at your service all my knowledge and my experience so that by working together you can rediscover your true talents, your true values and built a fulfilling life.

As a life coach I can help you:
– increase your self-esteem by overcoming self-limiting beliefs
– find and achieve your personal goals
– improve your friendship, family and love relationships.

I offer a free half-hour introductory telephone coaching session. You can use this session to try out “Reinvent your life coaching”.
In this introduction session you will:
– talk about the changes you want
– get to know what it’s like working with me
Get in touch with me today for booking your first free coaching session.

Recreate yourself and live the life you always wanted!